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Schools For Apraxia

Updated: Apr 16, 2022

Have you tried to find a school specifically for children with speech and language disorders or delays? When we first tried to find a school for L that would support his Apraxia needs, we did what any well meaning, albeit slightly research-obsessed parents do... we took to Google! We anticipated finding a nicely compiled, comprehensive list of schools that would provide multi-sensory, language rich, and therapy intensive education for L. We hoped there would be a few on the west coast, maybe one in our state, if we were lucky.

Boy were we surprised when our google search came up lacking.

Schools for children with Autism, check.

Schools for children with Developmental Delays, check.

Schools for children who are Deaf or Hearing Impaired, check.

Schools for children who are Blind, check.

Schools for children with ADHD or Dyslexia, check.

Schools for children with Apraxia, hmmm.....

Our next thought was, Apraxia Kids must have a list. Surely we are not the only parents who have wondered where their child with apraxia would receive the most apraxia-tailored education. We can live anywhere, there must be some schools somewhere in the country! Unfortunately, Apraxia Kids did not have a list, nor did they know of any such list existing.

It would seem that somehow, our kiddos with apraxia fall into a grey area. Many do have coexisting conditions that qualify them for some of these other categories of schools above. However, for any children with apraxia as their primary diagnosis and focus, it is labor-intensive to find schools specific to speech and language disorders. Thus began our search for special education schools in the U.S. that provide education primarily developed for our L. These are the schools we were able to identify that may meet the needs of our kiddos with apraxia:

Access School - Little Rock, AR (Only enrolls children that qualify for disability)

Johnson Academy - San Juan Capistrano, CA

The Speech Academy - Easton or Somersville, CT

Atlanta Speech School - Atlanta, GA

Clarke Schools for Hearing and Speech - Northhampton, MA

Miriam School - St. Louis, MO

Dubard School for Language Disorders - Hattiesburg, MS (Only if referred by public school system)

Magnolia School - Jackson, MS

May Center for Learning - Sante Fe, NM

St. Rita's School for the Deaf - Cincinnati, OH

Talk School - Newton Square, PA

DePaul School for Hearing and Speech - Pittsburgh, PA

Capitol School - Austin, TX

Parish School - Houston, TX

Disclaimer: These are the schools that we identified as having speech and language specialties, however we have not confirmed with all of these whether or not they accept children with apraxia at this time.

If we find out about additional schools, we will update this list.

I'm sure this list is not exhaustive, these are just the schools we were able to find in our search, so if you know of any other schools that fit the bill, please let us know!

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